What is Indaba TV?
Indaba TV to put it simply is a show that will be broadcast once a week directed at South Africans Living in USA.
We are an internet broadcast show offering our viewers news which is of interest to them. We will provide original content with the focus on the live broadcast experience. Viewers will have the opportunity to send in questions for our Guest to answer during their interview.

This Internet accessible show will offer news, information, entertainment and will have a person of interest on each show. The show will be directed at anyone who is interested in South African affairs, from news to sports, culture and entertainment or just want to hear a familiar accent and have a little bit of nostalgia.
Indaba TV will reach across the States to bring South Africans together, and bring News from Africa and around the world into your home
Indaba TV will integrate with all major social media, allowing viewers to participate on a peer to peer basis using Twitter and Facebook.
The Internet Revolution has made it possible to reach a vast audience across state lines and the continents. We are now able to distribute to a targeted USA audience that is specifically looking for information about South Africa.

Our audience will be attracted to the show as we will show specific information, specific interest, specific events and have a person of interest on the show that the audience would want to tune in to.
All the shows will be available 24/7 for streaming, which allows our audience to watch at their convenience.
The show will be able to be tweeted, posted on Facebook walls, embedded on existing blogs and websites. Each time a viewer ‘likes’ the post new audience viewers will be added.
We look forward in launching the show. If you would like to get involved and learn more about advertising opportunities please click on the link under Advertise.