Driving in Traffic - What can we learn about you?

If you live in a big city you continuously have to deal with traffic, and I am sure you have encountered the type of driver listed below. Yesterday for me was no exception. The big differencewas I decided not to get upset and instead pay attention to how different people drive in traffic.

During my observation I decided what type of person they were, and the characteristics they may have. I am positive you will be able to add many more, and I encourage you to list them in the comment section.

Please also feel free to state what type of person you may think the person I have listed is, and their characteristics.

  1. The driver that drives on the side of the road and then cuts in. (the cars I saw mostly do this were higher end and young drivers): This is a person I probably would be least likely to hire. They believe they are more important than others, and rules do not apply to them. They have no consideration or respect for others
  2. When they see a vehicle indicating to get into their lane, and they then speed up to prevent the car getting in front of them: This person is less likely to assist someone in the office, or provide a helping hand
  3. The driver who does not thank the driver behind them for letting them in: This person may be slow to thank people generally, and could be rude to others. (I am a believer in thanking people for ‘big’ things and ‘little’ things alike.)
  4. The driver who does thank the car behind them for letting them in: They are generally polite, and I believe would thank people in their day to day life
  5. The driver that sees a vehicle indicating to get into their lane, they slow down and let the car change into their lane: This person I believe would be more willing to assist others in life, and at work
  6. The driver who keeps changing lanes (speeds up, then has to pump on the brakes-then changes lanes-then has to pump on the brakes etc. etc.) This person has no patience and will be difficult to give direction too. Will make a lot of mistakes in their assignments.
  7. The driver who picks a lane and only occasionally will change lanes (majority of the time in the same lane) – They know that they can’t do anything about the traffic, and will get to their destination in the same time either way. This person is calmer under pressure, understands they cannot control everything, and has patience.

If I was a hiring manager and saw the candidate drive in the manner outlined above prior to coming into the interview I may have some preconceived ideas about the candidate. Rightly or wrongly they may have an additional hurdle to overcome during the interview.

I would like to emphasize I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist and this was a fun exercise I did while in traffic to keep myself busy.