What can learn from a Team that were 5000:1 to win and now on the brink of History?*

What can be learnt by Leicester’s FC (pronounced Lester) climb from bottom of the pile to the peak? Starting the season as 5000/1 to win the league, their rise to the top is very unexpected. It would be as if a School Football Team beat the 1986 Winning NFL Bears Team. To put it another way the odds of Simon Cowell to become the next Prime Minister was 500/1, for Hugh Hefner to admit he's a virgin 1000/1, Andy Murray to name his first born Novak 500/1.

When Leicester FC play some of the larger clubs in the League the cost of their 11 players is less than one player in the other Team. Yet, they keep on winning!

There are clubs that have been re-building for years and spent hundreds of millions on high profile players that have not seen the success of this Leicester team.

Some lessons which I believe can be learnt. (You could add a hundred more)

  • Leave the Ego at the door- No one is bigger than the Team or Club
  • They play as a Team and work as a Team. - No one player is more important than another. When a team mate misses a tackle, makes an error their teammate is right there cheering them on and assisting. Are you helping your Team be better, and coaching for success?
  • Sometimes you need to take a chance – When Ranieri became the Manager the pundits could not understand the club owner’s choice, and thought he would be one of the first manager of the year to lose his job. The owner now looks like a genius. When was the last time you took a chance?
  • Never Give Up - Leicester’s FC always play until they hear that final whistle. Going for that big account, looking to set an appointment –keep following up
  • Leadership – Ranieri as the coach installs confidence in his players, and gives direction. He keeps his Team focused and has all their goals for the year outlined. Have clear, concise and attainable goals.
  • All Players know what their job/goal is and are prepared– Each game Ranieri will have outlined what each players ‘job’ is for that game. They will know who to mark, where to run etc. Know what you are looking to achieve, and the strengths of your colleagues.
  • Are not distracted – The Team has not been distracted by the media, and have kept their focus. In business do not be distracted by others, and stick to your game plan
  • Be Prepared and Play to your strength – Leicester study their opposition, however will always play to their strengths and not be caught up in their oppositions style of play. Know who your competition is, and play to your strengths to overcome them.
  • Ways to Fail - Complain about everything, Blame Others for your problems, Never be grateful - Ranieri never complains or blames anyone about decisions that have gone against his team. He is extremely grateful for what his team has achieved. (he was seen crying with pride after a game)

 "This is a small club that is showing the world what can be achieved through spirit and determination. Twenty-six players. Twenty-six different brains. But one heart."-Claudio Ranieri 

Congratulations to Leicester FC on their success in 2016. May you have as a successful year as them.

Feel free to add in the comment section what you have taken away from the success of Leicester FC in 2015/16.

*since writing this Leicester have been crowned Champions. Congratulations to the Team and all their supporters!